O u r  M o t t o : " T O  P R O V I D E  Q U A L I T Y  E D U C A T I O N  B Y  I N F U S I N G  A  N E W  S P I R I T  A M O N G  T H E  L E A R N E R S "





Hostel Admission :- 

i)   Application for hostel seats is to be submitted to the respective  Superintendent of hostel on the day of admission

ii)   Seats are allotted on the basis of merit cum distance.

iii) Students admitted to the hostel shall follow the rules strictly.



Hostel Rules :-
The boarders of the hostel must abide by the following hostel rules:
i) Every boarder of the hostel shall have to observe the timings of Breakfast, Meal, Tiffin, Study hours and evening roll calls circulated by the Superintendent of the hostel.

ii) During study hours no boarder should remain outside without permission from the Superintendent.

iii) Drinking of alcohol or use of drugs shall be considered as a major offence and shall be dealt with severely.

iv) Leave of absence from the hostel must be obtained in advance from the Superintendent. If a boarder remains absent from the hostel without prior permission from the Superintendent it will be considered as a major offence.

v) No outsider should be allowed during the study hours or college hours and no guest should be entertained without prior permission from the Superintendent.

vi) No boarder shall quit the hostel without permission which may be granted only on payment of all outstanding arrear against him/her.

vii) Expulsion from the hostel implies expulsion from the College and vice versa.

viii) College hostel shall remain closed during the summer vacation and puja vacation and no boarder shall be allowed to reside in the hostel in any private capacity without permission from the Principal.

ix) The mess dues must be paid by the boarder within 15th days of each month or within such a date as may be notified by the hostel superintendent. Non payment of hostel dues in time should be sufficient reason for disciplinary action.

x) The Superintendent will maintain a conduct register. The boarders are liable to be punished and have their names entered in the register for misconduct.

xi) Cases of serious indiscipline in the hostel shall be reported by the Superintendent to the Principal for appropriate action.





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