.The College is Re -accredit ted by NAAC with B Grade.
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 Facilities & Activities
Extra Curricular and Co-Curricular Activities

The "College Week" festival is observed every year in the College. Students are encouraged to participate in quiz competitions, debates, recitation, indoor and outdoor games, singing and dancing competitions, art and craft competitions etc. Students are also given incentive to participate in Inter-College competitions and at the District, State, Regional or National level .

Tanu Konger Memorial All Assam Inter College Debating Competition

The College holds a debating competition every year on its foundation day, the 7th September in memory of its first regular Principal Late Tanu Konger. The Debating Competition is held every year on current national issues and problems. The College takes pride in inviting participants from all the different Colleges and Universities of Assam. Judges for the competition are invited from different fields of work.


The College is on the verge of introducing these National Organizations/Programmes after getting due approval from the concerned authority . The College is aware that such a program would mould the students into disciplined, dutiful and respectful citizens.

The National Service Scheme in the College has helped the students in many ways. By adopting this scheme the College has been able to create an awareness among the students to develop a sense of responsibility and to redefine their personality through community services.

Departmental Associations and Forums

The Departmental Associations and Forums of the College helps the students to develop their talents in creative works. The Teachers of every Department plays an active role in holding various programmes like Seminars, Symposium, Workshop and Conferences. It also undertakes educational excursions, field study and such other need based activities . Students can apply for membership to these Associations and Forums once they are admitted to the College.

Disaster Management Cell

The College has started the DMC . The function of the DMC is to create an awareness among the students and the public in general the rules of safety in times of natural calamities and disasters like earthquake, flood and fire etc.

Free Medical Camps

Free medical camps are organized by the College from time to time with the help of reputed Medical Practitioners. These camps are open for the students, staff and the people of the neighboring locality.

Guidance and Career Counseling Cell

Organizes seminar workshops from time to time.

Sports Centre

The College has a sports centre of its own. The centre encourages student to participate in different Indoor and Outdoor games. The centre is equipped to meet the basic needs of a sportsman. It has successfully conducted a few competitions among the students, teachers and on the club level. The centre is planning to procure advanced sports equipments with the help of sponsoring agencies so as to provide better facilities to the students.
A "Table Tennis Coaching Centre" was formally inaugurated in the College on 17th July 2008 in the presence of one Govt. Official, Alumni's, Sports Lovers, the Principal, Teachers, Students, Players and the Media. The Centre is managed by a 'Management Committee' of the College.
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