.The College is Re -accredit ted by NAAC with B Grade.
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 Internal Quality Assurance Cell
An IOACell of the College was established in the year 2004. The primary aim of IQAC is to develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic action to improve the academic and administrative performance of the College. The basic purpose of the IQAC are- (i) to ensure continuous improvement in the smooth functioning of the College and (ii) to ensure stakeholders connected with higher education, namely students, guardians, teachers, office staff, sponsoring agencies, employers and society in general- of the transparency and accountability of the College to sustain an all round development. The IQAC feels that with the help of necessary resources, adequate funds and other aids from concerned agencies and with the support and cooperation from the stakeholders, the College will definitely be able to set new standards of learning. The IQAC in its various meetings has analyzed and discussed the NAAC Peer Committee Report. The Cell also deliberated on various issues related to quality enhancement and the plan of action to be initiated on the recommendations and guidelines of NAAC in the forthcoming days.
The College is first accreditated by NAAC in the Year 2004 and reaccreditated in the year2010.

IQAC Members :

1.      Sri  A Borchetia

2.      Sri J Borah

3.      Dr. M M Gogoi

4.      Mrs. Irina Konwar

5.      Sri Anil Tanti.

6.      Sri Pankaj Kr. Nath

Office Members:

1.      Mr. Gautam Gogoi

Guardian Members:

1.      Sri Pabitra Nat

2.      Sri Biren Saikia


                                     Sri Pabon Kr. Gogoi.

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