Vision & Mission

The Gargaon College envisages to be the premier institute to impart quality education to its students so as to match the emerging challenges of the new millennium. It is committed to deliver quality teaching and sound guidance to enable the diverse student community to realize and utilize their potential and creativity. The College also seeks to maintain a board relationship with the outgoing students by providing the necessary support in terms of employment opportunity.

To meet the needs of the present day developments, we will strive for continuous educational innovation, creativity expression and artistic productivity by fostering the best intellectual atmosphere and where both the teacher and the taught can share various constructive and academic issues.

We remain committed to take care, with the best possible approach of the classroom, the student-teacher relationship, all the support system of the College, mutual support and team work amongst the students, participatory roles to enhance quality of campus life, research activities and above all, to embark upon successful careers. We ensure that every guardian assess their own children and maintain a record in their career advancement and professional development.

Mission of the college

The aim of this College is to expand the mind of the students by emphasizing upon traditional as well as recent values of life through education. The College is optimistic to march ahead with positive thinking and to develop a sense of moral, social and aesthetic values in them. We aim to inculcate honesty, integrity and civilized behaviour among the students so that they can step into society as shining example.

The Three Year Degree course leading to the Bachelors degree in Arts, Science and Commerce provides the students to pursuse a Pass Course or a Major Course in the concerned subjects. The curriculum followed by the College in the Degree level is the one prescribed by Dibrugarh University. However, if the need and opportunity arises, the College is always ready to introduce new subjects and courses for the benefit of the students. For Higher Secondary, Viz, Arts, Science and Commerce, the syllabus and curriculum followed is the one prescribed by the Assam Higher Secondary Education Council.

Apart from the above courses the College is initiating to start a select list of Certificate, Diploma and Vocational programmes. It seeks to put special emphasis on extra curricular activity in various fields so as to make the students utilise their talents. Such programmes will motivate the students to build themselves for the future. Our aim is to continuously create and shape individuals, just as has been done in the past, which will ensure all round development in the progress of the nation.

Goals & Objectives of The College

  • To produce graduates of higher standards and to promote excellence in teaching academic as well as other resourceful areas.
  • To infuse a new spirit among the learners to exploit and draw out talents and abilities.
  • To encourage passion for achievements.
  • To help the students with the skills of learning, communication, self study & self analysis.
  • To promote innovative methods of teaching and evaluation.
  • To enlighten students on the virtues and human values of life through quality education, thereby producing morally and socially committed noble citizens.
  • To arouse a sense of social justice and responsibility and to motivate the students to render meaningful welfare service to fellow beings.
  • To render academic and financial assistance to the socially, economically and academically disadvantages students of the society.
  • To encourage the students to participate in Inter-College competitions and such other well recognized programmes & competitions.
  • To motivate the teachers of the institution to gain more knowledge through research activities, writing articles, books and other promotional activities.

Images for the students of the College

The motto, 'To provide quality education by infusing a new spirit among the learners' is the prime objective of the college. It will be our endeavor to march ahead with this motto and pursue knowledge in a fruitful way.

Goals & Objectives of The College

  • Students should come to the College with proper Uniform, Identity Card whenever in the College or representing the College at any other place. Further it should be produced for inspection on demand by the College staff.
  • No Students should loiter in the veranda, corridors or College campus during lecture hours.
  • No Students should carry outsiders to the College campus during the lecture hours.
  • Students should not collect any fund from classmates or outsiders without the prior written permission from the Principal.
  • Students should not organize picnics without the prior written permission from the Principal.
  • Students should refrain from indulging in any form of ragging which is a cognizable offence
  • Students should attend their lectures in the sections allotted to them and not in any other class or section, unless notified by the authority.
  • Students should read the 'NOTICE BOARD' from time to time and be informed of the instructions/information displayed for their benefit.
  • Students should deposit any lost property found by them with the College office. Owners of the lost property should claim the same from the office counter with due proof.
  • Students should not damage any College property but help in keeping the College campus neat and clean. Any damage caused to the College property shall have to be compensated by the students.
  • Smoking, chewing gutka and tobacco is prohibited anywhere in the campus including the canteen. Any student found violating this regulation shall be dealt with severely.
  • Use of mobile phone by the students is strictly prohibited in the campus. Any student violating this regulation will be penalized.