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Courses The following courses on semester system as designed by the Syllabus of Dibrugarh University.

Bachelor of Arts- Assamese, English, Economics, Education,Geography, Rural

Development, History, Political Science, Sociology, Statistics.

Bachelor of Science Botany, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Statistics, Zoology.

Bachelor of Commerce Accountancy, Management.

Short term certificate coureses Buddhism, Gandhian studies, computer.

Pass Course
Course No.s of Seats
T.D.C First Semester Arts 450
T.D.C First Semester Science 200
T.D.C First Semester Commerce 100
H.S. Arts 150
H.S. Commerece 100
H.S. Science 50
PGDCA(1 Year Regular Course)Under Dibrugarh University 30
Total Current Students 1790 in Degree Three Streams (2015-2016)

Male: 927;  Female: 863


VP (i/c) :

1.      Dr. Eva Zaman
     [Email: evazaman01@gmail.com]


1.      Sri Nilambor Chutia, M.Com.
     [Email: chutianilambar@gmail.com]

2.      Miss Farmuda Begum, M.A.; M.Phil.

3.      Sri Binod Gogoi M.Com. HOD
     [Email: binodgogoigc@rediffmail.com]

4.      Dr. Meghali Borah, M.Com.; M.Phil.

5.      Sri Anil Tanti, M.Com., M.Phil.
     [Email: a.tanti72@gmail.com]

6.   Miss Nomami Dutta

7.   Dr. Mintu Gogoi



Assamese :

1.      Dr. Arundhati Mahanta, M.A., Ph.D. HOD
     [Email: arundhatimahanta1@gmail.com]

2.      To be filled shortly

3.      Mrs. Neelakshi Chetia M.A.

4.      Sri Pranab Dowarah, M.A.
     [Email: pranabdowarah3@gmail.com]

5.      Mrs. Runjun Hazarika, M.A.
     [Email: runjunhazarika1411@gmail.com]

6.      Mrs. Priyama Dehingia Phukan, M.A., M.Phil.


Economics :

1.      Dr. Jogesh Bora M.A., Ph. D. (HOD)
     [Email: drjogeshbora750@gmail.com]

2.      Dr. Krishna Jyoti Handique, M.A., Ph.D.
     [Email: kjhandique2006@gmail.com]

3.      Dr. Rimjim Borah, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.
     [Email: rimjimbora@rediffmail.com]

4.   Mr. Nilutpal Chutia, M.A., M.Phil
     [Email: nilutpalchutia@gmail.com]

5.   Dr. Surajit Saikia, M.A.
     [Email: saikiasurajit86@gmail.com]


Education  :

1.      Dr. Bidyananda Borkakoti, M.A., M.Phil. HOD
     [Email: bborkakoty@rediffmail.com]

2.      Dr. Nitali Borgohain Konwar, M.A., Ph.D.
     [Email: nitali72@gmail.com]

3.      Mrs. Ratna Das, M.A.
     [Email: ratnadas222@gmail.com]

4.      Mrs. Poli Konwar Handique, M.A., M.Phil.
     [Email: kjhandique2006@gmail.com]


English :

1.      Sri Rajib Gogoi M.A.
     [Email: rajiblipikagogoi@rediffmail.com]

2.      Mrs. Rashmi Rekha Saikia, M.A., M.Phil.
     [Email: rrsaikia@yahoo.in]

3.      Dr. Jitu Saikia, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (HOD)
     [Email: jitusaikia37@yahoo.in]

4.      Sri Anjan Konwar, M.A., M.Phil.
     [Email: anjan.konwar@yahoo.com]

5.      Sri Bitupal Borgohain, M.A., M.Phil.
     [Email: b2pal@yahoo.co.uk]

6.   Miss Shyamalima Saikia, M.A.,M.Phil.
     [Email: ssaikias2@gmail.com]


History  :

1.      Dr. Manjumoni Gogoi, M.A.: M.Phil: Ph.D.
     [Email: manjugogoigc@yahoo.in]

2.      Mrs. Momi Sharma, M.A. HOD

3.      Sri Raktim Pator, M.A. (On Lien to Join as Asst. Professor in Cotton College State University)

4.      Vacant to be fillup shortly..


Political Science  :

1.      Sri Abdul Malik Saikia, M.A.

2.      Dr. Ramananda Das, M.A., Ph.D. HOD
     [Email: dasramananda2012@gmail.com]

3.      Dr. Paban Kr. Gogoi, M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D.
     [Email: pabanbin@rediffmail.com]

4.   Mr. Yuvaraj Gogoi, MA, M.Phil.
     [Email: yuvigogo@gmail.com]


Sociology   :

1.      Dr. Khirod Ch. Gogoi, M.A., M.Phil, Ph.D. HOD
     [Email: khirodgogoi93@gmail.com]

2.      Mrs. Mina Rovi Das, M.A., M.Phil.

3.      Sri Mohananda Tamuli, M.A., M.Phil.


Geography :

1.      Sri Kamala Kt. Goswami, M.A.

2.      Sri Dwijen Nath, M.Sc.

3.      Dr. Dilip Kr. Deka, M.Sc.,Ph.D. HOD
     [Email: dkdeka1@gmail.com]

4.      Mrs. Monurama Phukan,  M.A., M.Phil.
     [Email: manuramapbg@gmail.com]


Geology   :

1.      Sri Porag Jyoti Borah, M.Sc. HOD

2.      Sri Jatin Ch. Borgohain, M.Tech.
     [Email: jatinchandra.b@gmail.com]

3.      Dr. Chandraditya Gogoi, M.Sc., Ph.D
     [Email: chandraditya8@gmail.com]

4.   Mrs. Bonika Buragohain. M.Sc.,M.Phil.
     [Email: bonikah@gmail.com]


                        Botany  :

1.      Dr. Eva Zaman, M.Sc.HOD

2.      Mrs. Jaya Saikia, M.Sc.

3.      Mr. Dimbeswar Das, M.Sc.

4.   To be Fill Up Shortly


Chemistry :

1.      To be Filled Shortly

2.      To be Filled Up Shortly

3.      Sri Ranjit Dutta, M.Sc.

4.      Miss Anna Gogoi, M.Sc, M.Phil.

5.      Dr. Surajit Konwar, M.Sc.; Ph.D.

6.      Dr. Arandao Nurzary, M.Sc.;Ph.D.


Mathematics  :

1.      To be filled shortly

2.      Mrs. Milan Bhuyan, M.Sc.; M.Phil. HOD

3.      Mrs. Kabita Phukan, M.Sc.; M.Phil.


Physics  :

1.      Sri Dilip Bordoloi, M.Sc.

2.      Sri Atul Borchetia, M.Sc., M.Phil.

3.      Sri Diganta Konwar, M.Sc. HOD

4.      Sri Guna Kt. Sonowal, MSc.

5.      Dr. Manash Kr. Sharma, M.Sc., Ph.D.


Statistics  :

1.      Dr. Ranjana Gogoi, M.Sc., Ph.D. HOD

2.   To be Filled Up Soon


Zoology  :

1.      Shortly to be filled up

2.      Dr, Tutul Bortamuli, M.Sc., Ph.D.

3.      Mrs. Irina Konwar, M.Sc. HOD

4.      Dr. Rina Handique, Msc.,Ph.D.


Rural Development  :

1.      Mrs. Pragyajyoti Barua, M.A. (Contractual)


1.      Sri Pankaj Dutta, Msc.IT. (Contractual)


  Teachers with Ph.D 21
  Teachers with M.Phil 24
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